DS: Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist. 

LW: I’m a Swedish artist still experimenting with my artistic style.

I grew up with a very creative mum and I guess I peeked at her at times as a child. But the artist in me sort of came out when I was living in New York and took a class in art history. I got so inspired and just started creating and selling to people I knew.


DS: What is your creative process?

LW: I think I’m like a sponge. I soak up everything I see during the day and when I’m in the mode it just comes out. Sometimes I’m like a crazy person, doing 15 pieces one night and after that, it can take two weeks until I’m ready again. Since I have another full-time job, the painting usually takes place during the evening when I’m relaxed.



DS: What would be in your ideal art collection?

LW: Anything from Yvonne Roberts! Absolutely adore everything she does. Or a sculpture from Anton Alvarez. Obsessed with his work.

DS: What is your relationship with social media? How do you think it affects your work?

For me it’s amazing. Without social media, I would never be able to reach out to so many and also connect with people liking what I do.


DS: Describe your work in three words.

LW: Warm, skinny and fat.


DS:  Fav artist of dustandsoul ? 

LW:  Of course I love the work of my two Swedish friends Anna Mörner and Estelle Graaf. Other than that, I love the style of Noeul Kim and Matthew Pitts. Sorry, I couldn’t stick to one!


DS: What do you listen to when creating?

LW: Usually jazz or slow and cozy music.


DS: Describe your ideal studio

LW: Oh wow. Such a cliché, but a messy Parisian loft with a lot of space and plenty of big windows. Maybe a dog and a nice haircut.


DS: What makes you excited about the future?

LW: Possibilities! Just the fact that I have time to create so much more things and do fun collabs with talented people.


DS: One museum to visit?

LW: The met and Louisiana


DS: Philosophy of life/quote?

LW: Be brave and screw up, it’s more fun that way.

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