Dustandsoul is a gallery for the new generation of art collectors. We discover and support emerging artists from around the world.

We help you discover original contemporary artwork by emerging artists for the spaces where you live and work. Through our highly curated marketplace we give you access to an exclusive selection of affordable art made by the most exciting new artists out there. We spend a lot of time looking for those special pieces in the most peculiar places, and choose them for their uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. 

With this, we aim to give insight to any art collector to a new wave of creators and at the same time give those artists visibility to wider audiences, as well as the possibility to connect, collaborate and evolve with a strong platform and an ever-growing community of art gatherers behind.

Carmen Riestra has always been passionate about looking for special objects and gathering art. It always struck her that there was no Spanish platform where new emerging talents were given visibility in the same space. For this reason, in 2016 she decided to create the concept of DUSTANDSOUL.

Carmen never considered another format that was not online, both Dustandsoul artists and her belong to the generation and it seemed to her the most scalable way to reach a larger audience and break the intimidating barrier that has always existed in the art world. Now, in just one click, you can discover a new artist, his works, see his studio and acquire their pieces.

«As a young art lover I was constantly at the pursuit of discovering emerging talented artists whose art was affordable, to start creating my own personal art collection. I discovered a myriad of talent across countries and platforms and price points, and the idea dawned on me, to create a space that would be home to a carefully curated selection of all the pieces I could dream to have.

To that end, I finally founded Dustandsoul in 2016 with the intention of discovering emerging artists, and giving their visions and talents a presence, a voice, a platform on which to showcase their work, which is not always easy in the art world. Luckily, thanks to our growing and engaged audience, we have reached milestones we never thought possible.»

-Carmen Riestra

If you want to have a more direct experience with the artworks, you can do so by visiting our studio by appointment only.

We will be happy to have you!

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