Wung Gyu Park

Suwon, Korea, 1987.

Wung Gyu Park was born and raised in South Korea, where he continues to work as an artist in the city of Yongin.

Wung Gyu reacts sensitively to negative things, and he tries to find the formative language of the source through his work. He focuses on his attitude towards it and the opposite situation it provokes. The artist wants to establish a new formative order within an ambivalence that cannot be defined in either way.

About his work, Wung Gyu states, «My work is inspired by several things, different in each series. For example, in the case of ‘Dummy No.39 – No.47’, the images are drawn by subdividing the shape and texture into a total of nine shapes based on Buddhism. Buddhists take inspiration from life forms such as insects and plants.

‘Dummy No.49 – No.59’ is a work focused on creatures that live in the sea. Every time I heard a water-related tragedy on the news, I thought about water. Often when I meet disgusting creatures in the sea, I think of the tragedies that I saw on the news for some reason. Humans often attribute the object of fear to God. These works can be understood in that context.

The ‘Scar’ series is inspired by scars, wounds and eczema on the skin.

The works that I am currently painting are inspired by moths; I am producing eighteen pieces.

What my works have in common are trivial, vulgar, dirty or terrifying things. But, in fact, these objects are not very significant in my work. It is not a particular theory or discipline. What is more important is my ambivalent attitude towards them and my way of capturing them in an image. Certain objects here are just a shell. Hence the title ‘Dummy’.»


2015 M.F.A, Division of Korean painting, Graduate school, Chugye University for the Arts

2010 B.F.A, Department of Korean painting, College of Fine Arts, Chugye University for the Arts



2018 Black Sun, Onground2, Seoul, Korea

2017 Worm and Saint, Space Kneet, Seoul, Korea

2016 Dummy Dogma, Chungju art studio, Chungju, Korea



2019 The Art of Possible, Goyang Aramnuri, Aram art Museum, Goyang, Korea

2019 Frequency of magic, Outsight, Seoul, Korea

2017 Walking future, Chungju art studio, Chungju, Korea

2016 Asia art highway, Chungju art studio, Chungju, Korea

2012 Art factory project, Uh-Mang warehous, Jang-hang, Korea

2011 Boiling point, Kunstdoc gallery, Seoul, Korea



2016 Chungju art studio, Chungju, Korea



2021 Gyeonggi culture foundation

2019 Gyeonggi culture foundation

2018 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture