DS: Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist.

JL: After studying Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University in the UK, I went on to work in both Amsterdam and then Berlin. I still work in the design industry but over the last couple of years I have started to concentrate on my own art practise of screen printing and hope to continue and develop this further over the coming years.  

DS: What is your creative process?

JL: I’m a screenprinter who likes to work on the spot. Unlike many printers, I don’t plan too much in advance and instead embrace the creativity of the moment. That way my work has a real experimental feel to it and is continually progressing. 

DS: Describe your work in a sentence

JL: Bold and eye-catching experimentation of shape and colour. 

DS: Tell us about your influences in work & life

JL: I get my inspiration from a variety of different elements. I’m always on the look out for interesting colour combinations and compositions, even without being fully aware sometimes. I think it comes naturally to me. 


DS: What art pieces can we find at your place?

JL: My prised possession is a large acrylic painting on canvas by Anna Mac (@_anna-mac_). We also have some old figurative pieces we bought at a yard sale in LA and a wonderful portrait of my girlfriend and I by our friend Bea Salas (@_beasalas). 

DS: What impact does modern technology have on your work?

JL:Modern technology can definitely be of use, but I love the old hands-on method of working. I like to embrace the human element in my work and find that technology can lend itself too much to perfection. 

DL: What are you listening to right now?

JL: I’m going through a bit of an 80s revival – the all out 80s playlist on Spotify is a regular in the studio at the moment. 

DS: What is your ideal plan?

JL: I always think it’s important to have a plan, but also have the flexibility to change if needed. Have an idea of what you want to do but don’t ever lose your creative spontaneity – that’s when things can get really exciting. 

DS: What’s your philosophy on life?

JL: Don’t stop until you get what you want. Even if sometimes it feels impossible to reach, hang in there and keep going. You’ll get what you want in the end with enough hard work. 

DS: What makes you excited about the future?

JL: Creating more work and opening up new connections. I really am incredibly lucky to do a job I love and remind myself that on a regular basis. 

DS: Which Dust and Soul creator is your favorite?

JL: Got to be the works of Gabriela Maskrey and also Matthew Pitts. Both create stunning work. 

DS: Describe Dust and Soul in 3 words.

JL: Colourful. Contemporary. Curation.

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