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The human body is something purely fascinating to me. Every pose, every shape triggers a different feeling inside of me.


Noeul Kim is one of the youngest artists that are part of the dustandsoul.com platform. Her passion lies in portraits and erotic motifs. Erotic paintings (“Chunghwa”) have always been part of traditional Korean art, from which much of her inspiration comes. Today we interviewed this artist to know her a little better.


DS: Tell us about yourself and what was your first encounter with art?

NK: I’m a painter/illustrator from South Korea. I majored in fashion design and worked as a fashion print designer for two years before moving to Berlin last year. I felt like I wanted to focus more on my artwork and change my surroundings. I started painting at a very early age. When I was 4 years old, I once didn’t come home after kindergarten and my mum eventually found me looking inside a window of a kid’s art class. My mum supported me ever since and encouraged me to learn painting. There always was crayon powder on the floor in the living room and I was always painting during picnics and family meetings. From elementary school onwards, I was taught by an artist called Ryu-shin, who specializes in watercolour. She was very important to me and had a big influence on my current work.


DS: How would you describe your work?

NK: I would describe my work as ‘erotic’, ‘abstract’, ‘minimalistic’ and ‘bright’. When I paint people’s bodies and faces, it’s more about capturing their emotions and feelings.


DS: What is your creative process?

NK: I get inspired by traditional art, impressionist paintings or some interesting motives, such as attractive body shapes or faces. When I see them I feel like I have to paint them immediately. I need to feel excited about it so it has to be in the moment, which is why I don’t really sketch or plan it much. It’s very abstract and spontaneous.




DS: What made you focus on human faces and bodies as the main subjects for your work?

NK: The human body is something purely fascinating to me. Every pose, every shape triggers a different feeling inside of me. I can’t really put my finger on it but I think they truly are one of the most wonderful things in the world. I like capturing the moment of them.


DS: What do you pretend to transmit with your works?

NK: Pure beauty and movement of emotions in various perspectives.


DS: What moves you to use the color red as the main color in your watercolors?

NK: I wanted to express the intense and strong feelings of the nude body and I naturally felt that red was the right colour for it. The colour red is a very strong but also fragile colour to me, which symbolizes the character of a nude body perfectly.


DS: How would you define art?

NK: Anything can be art and everyone has a different style of expressing art. For me, art is the expression of emotions, feelings, thoughts or desires.


Sumida | Hwa 1


DS: Tell us about your future plans. Can we know what you’re currently working on?

NK: I haven’t done any exhibitions in Europe myself yet, so that definitely is something I would like to do. I have been in Berlin for a year now and it took a while to acclimate myself to my new surroundings and I think now I finally feel ready to take on new challenges.


DS: What are your upcoming projects?

NK: I don’t have any exact plans yet, to be honest. I guess it will be something very spontaneous again but I feel like I want to do more creative and fun work with some humor like my Maki Series for example.


DS: What does dustandsoul.com mean to you?

NK: I really appreciate the work Dustandsoul does and I am really glad they provide me with a platform to promote my artwork. I hope I will manage to visit Madrid in the near future and meet Carmen and the rest of the team in person.


Discover Noeul Kim’s artworks on dustandsoul.com

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